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Introduction to the North American National Party!

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Published on 09-30-2016 by the NANP!

Greetings Everyone:

The North American National Party is a republic type National Party. This means that the party members do not believe in any type of Socialist, Communist, dictatorship, or any other type of Government other than a republic.

The NANP believes that the authority for Government emanates from the people as read in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under Title 21:

(3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

This does not mean that the party will gather members and then switch the party platform. A communist regime is nothing more than a virus that will die in 50 years. It has happened over and over in history.

Socialism lasts as long as the other guy has money and quickly dies out.

The NANP recognizes the threat of oppression of sharia law and the danger that it poses to a free society.

The North American National Party has gone through two elections where everyone voted and their votes counted.

The North American National Party is dedicated to its platform and will expose communists and socialists that refuse to follow the rule of law.

The Law of Nations is the basis of constitutions that are upright and valid.  Human rights are the basis of maintaining the life of a Government.

The NANP is open for membership and does have a unique structure that allows various States to vote within their own elections without subjecting themselves to the  National Government known as the Government of The United States of America. The NANP is divided into chapters which is one chapter for each State.

Join the North American National Party to learn independence, free thinking, open markets, interest free debt free currency, claiming a Nationality, Human Rights compliant drivers licenses and premium free surety bond, access to a Government Judicial System that recognizes human rights, social assistance program, natural and medical health center, right to keep and bear arms regardless of type, 30 natural human rights, not just ten, patents and trademark registration, foreign disaster relief program with interest free loans, Nationality credentials, and many more benefits of joining the NANP. 

The NANP strives to solve problems with real solutions and not empty promises. The NANP has solved the income tax problem, the traffic court human rights violations, the privacy problems, limited National Government issues and many more too numerous to mention here.

Anyone that joins are not forced to remain a member, anyone can come and go as they desire. The NANP does not place its constituency’s property up for collateral to borrow fictitious debt against it thereby subjecting its members to foreign creditors. 

Political Contributions are not required, however donations are welcome. 


4 thoughts on “Introduction to the North American National Party!

  • I am so delighted to have finally found the door that Ive so diligently searched four..
    Im looking forward to the many things there are to do ..
    D’Juan D.Armstrong

    • Nice ! Thank you Sooooooooo Much ! Let Freedom Ring !!!!
      Any New Mexicans ? Join me The State of New Mexico – Chapter 32 Thank you all that devote your time energy and knowledge to helping others learn how to free ourselves !Bless your Hearts ! Much Love sent to you all Office Holders Sincerely,Jessene Roe an American National growing an Assembly ,population ,hope and knowledge in The Great State of New Mexico – Chapter : Land of The Wild and Determined Lets Rock On !!!!!!!!

  • Just joined and could not be happier. And by happy I mean calm, mindful, serious, ready, intent, and much more. It’s as if I matter for the first time. ‘Happy’ is a bouncing ball, anyway. I’m not happy, which is excellent. Godspeed, NANP.

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