State of Pennsylvania-Chapter 39

I believe in this so passionately try so hard to teach my friends and family, but now i have found this estate to be under attack since the birth of my two daughters. I have been maliciously prosecuted for 520 days, forced to pay $10,000.00 straight cash bond, then thrown in jail two months later because no one wrote down that i paid it. Another 10 thousand for attorney fees, to end up with the quickest deliberation in history. I have since had multiple unfounded false interactions with police, and children services. Now last week two undercover officers boxed me in while driving and forced me to stop and hit the ones bumper and instantly badger, harass, detain, accuse and charge me with multiple offences. Now they send me three separate court summons, each with a different form of my name, with threat of jail if I do not respond. What defense do i have from such a vicious system? Who will really stand with me. They have put a lien on my vehicles, stolen my money, trying to take my children and firearms. I believe in my heart that i am a targeted individual and my family has been hurt and are in constant danger. This is simply a form or torture.