The Satanic Temple is a Cover for a Pedophile Ring

The Satanic Temple is a Cover for a Pedophile Ring

It has come to the attention of the North American National Party
that the Satanic Temple, by their own admission, is a pedophile
organization. The particular type of pedophile group is called “little boy
lover”. This group is full of very cunning people and are backed by many
like them. It is easier for groups like this to infiltrate and allow pedophiles
to get close and groom children if using a fake religion to gain rights that
are non-existent.
Please do not be embarrassed for falling for this group’s claims. If
you are not familiar with groups like this, you would automatically look at
the religious aspect of their claims rather than their actual intent. It would
be highly negligent on the part of the school board to allow any form of a
rental agreement or any other agreement with the Satanic Temple.
The safety of the children is of the utmost importance to all. We
would not want the sickness of negligence of that obligation when you
have been noticed and the claim of a fake Satanic Temple to cover the
real intentions of the group which is to have sex with those that are
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underage and cannot consent.


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